Relish a land full of beautiful nature, deep history and rich culture, and experience a fascinating landscape varying between extremes. Reach the high-altitudes of the Greater Caucasus mountain range, featuring the impressive ice-laden peak of Kazbek and the remote mountain world of Tusheti. Then descend to the subtropical misty forests of Kobuleti near the Black Sea and feel the heat of the semi-deserts of Vashlovani. You will be stunned by the natural treasures in this part of the Caucasus ecoregion.

Open your heart to Georgia’s rich cultural history, which dates back several thousand years. Visit prehistoric monuments, medieval churches and watchtowers. Feel at home in the rustic villages, whose inhabitants will enjoy sharing their traditions and folklore with you.

grüne Welle

Want to know more? The e-Brochure and Film ‘Legends of Nature’ show a selection of beautiful National Parks and State Reserves in Georgia.