Welcome to the ‘Land of Fire’

Azerbaijan owes its name to its ancient fire-worship culture linked to the country’s naturally lasting flames. The “Land of Fire” offers its visitors the possibility to explore a mosaic of landscapes and extraordinary biological diversity, shaped by up to nine different climate patterns. A challenge that shouldn’t be missed out! Watch impressive flocks of different birds getting together in Aghgol National Park and explore the semi-deserts of Shirvan National Park with gracious goitered gazelles and interesting mud volcanoes. Then scale up the breath-taking Greater Caucasus mountain range of Shahdagh, before taking your time to admire the sight of azur blue Lake Goygol.

Besides its natural treasures, Azerbaijan also offers a rich history and a fascinating culture to be discovered. The Great Silk Road, which inspired Strabo, Marco Polo and Alexandre Dumas, left its traces in many settlements along the way and invites travellers to discover ancient rock paintings, old fortifications and legendary fire temples.
grüne Welle
Want to know more? The e-Brochure ‘Legends of Nature’ shows a selection of beautiful National Parks in Azerbaijan.