Mountains, forests, wetlands, volcanic canyons – Armenia has it all

Armenia’s rich natural heritage offers many choices to visit. The landscapes of the Lesser Caucasus range from the semi-deserts in Arevik to the extraordinary woodlands in Dilijan, the deep volcanic canyons in Khosrov Forest, and the wetlands of Lake Arpi and Lake Sevan.

Besides its natural wonders, the country has a lot more to offer. As one of the world’s oldest Christian nations, Armenia’s rich and colourful history is interwoven with stories and legends such as Noah’s Ark and Marco Polo’s voyages along the Silk Road. And let’s not forget the cultural monuments from centuries past, many designated UNESCO world heritage sites, ranging from ancient fortresses and monasteries to Hellenistic temples.

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Want to know more? The e-Brochure and Film ‘Legends of Nature’ introduce a selection of beautiful national parks and state reserves in Armenia.