Treasures to Discover - Treasures to Protect

Hike through mystic green forests. Admire spacious plains.
Dive into an ocean of alpine flowers. Visit remote mountain villages.
Enter the fascinating world of the Southern Caucasus’ protected areas.

Situated between the Black and Caspian Seas at the cultural and biological crossroads of Europe and Asia, the Caucasus ecoregion is one of earth’s most diverse and endangered ecological ‘hotspots’.

Simply love being outdoors? Get ready to be spoiled with stunning environmental contrasts found just kilometres apart. Many protected areas in the Southern Caucasus are open for exploration, including national parks, nature reserves, natural monuments and protected landscapes.
Take a moment to listen to the beautiful legends and stories from this captivating region and be inspired to visit one of the most multifarious places on the planet.


Being a guest in the protected areas of the Southern Caucasus is not much different than being a guest in a friend’s home. The guests that show the most respect are the most cherished. As an attentive visitor aware of the needs of the precious environment and its local residents, you will be warmly welcomed over and over again.